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Do you maintain a lawn or green space? Maybe you have a beautiful front or back lawn in your home, your business, or a community space you manage. At Alabama Greenscapes, LLC, we know that it’s important to present your green spaces in a way that reflect the best of your home, business, or community space. That’s why we’ve made it our job to give you the best in landscaping.

The best landscaping includes managing weed growth. This is of course important to present the best image possible—but it’s also important when it comes to maintaining the health of your land and community. For more information about how Alabama Greenscapes, LLC can manage your weed control needs, call us at (205) 940-5078 today!

Benefits of Weed Control in Your Lawn Maintenance Routine

There are many benefits to a well-maintained lawn or other green space, and a well-maintained lawn means it has its weed population under control.

Weeds are a fact of life: it’s impossible to protect a green space from any weed growth at all. Weeds germinate in soil based on wind patterns, the migration of animals, and other outdoor factors.

Alabama Greenscapes, LLC Weed Control services

A lawn that has its weeds under control, increases the curb appeal of your property or space. A lawn free of weeds makes your home more attractive to guests and can also increase the likelihood of selling your home or property if the time has come for that.

At the end of the day, a well-maintained lawn is one of the first things someone notices about your space. A lawn that looks beautiful reflects well on your home, family, business, or organization.

Risks of Unchecked Weed Growth

Every year, weeds cost Americans billions of dollars in crop loss and destruction to structures. Weeds degrade pathways, driveways, paved areas, and can even start to destroy the structure of your home or building if left too long!

Unchecked weed growth can be a tripping hazard, especially to children and seniors.

This is all aside from the fact that pulling weeds in harsh weather like heat, cold, or rain, or attempting to pull weeds without the proper equipment can lead to injury for you, and a quick re-growth of those same weeds if the whole process is done improperly.

Even if you love gardening and lawn maintenance, investing in weed maintenance can mean more time spent tending to the plants you care about.

Call Today for the Best Weed Control Service

Weeds aren’t just ugly—they can be dangerous. The proper maintenance of weeds requires specialized equipment, a thorough knowledge of botany and the health of micro-habitats, and the work ethic and gumption to get it all done — all of which we pride ourselves on at Alabama Greenscapes, LLC.

For a more thorough run-down of what is best for your green space, call us today to set up an assessment or speak to one of our specialists.

Weed maintenance takes time, expertise, and specialization. Let us make your space as beautiful, safe, and healthy as it can be! Call today.