Commercial Landscape Lighting in Hoover

Alabama Greenscapes, LLC is proud to offer the businesses of Hoover our landscape lighting design services, as well as landscape lighting installation services. Don’t hesitate to call us today at (205) 940-5078 so that we can get started on making your lighting needs our top priority.

We’re proud to offer services that consider every detail of your project and budget. We have great business relationships with our many excellent installation technicians, contractors, and lighting design professionals, and we’re excited to pass those amazing business relationships on to you. Call us today!

Available Commercial Landscape Lighting Features

Our contractors can install any lighting feature that you can dream of for your business. Whatever your needs, we can exceed them!

Extensive Landscape Lighting

Not all business properties are the same, and many of them have much bigger areas to work with. We know that when it comes to the very important task of installing landscape lighting, some properties just need more. If you’re facing the task of lighting an extensive property, take advantage of our budget-conscious contractors and lighting designers.

We’ll make sure you get the services you need, without breaking the bank. We offer unbeatable prices without cutting any corners, and we’re willing to take on projects of any size to make sure your property lights up the way it needs to.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Well-lit properties reduce safety concerns, help your employees get to where they need to go, and can even boost productivity. We’re ready to tailor every detail of your lighting project to the needs of everyone using your property, whatever those needs may be.

Decking Lights and Patio Lights

Owning or managing a property that includes a deck or a patio can be a special joy. You’re giving your employees or clients a special experience, and we’re here to make sure that experience only gets better when the sun goes down.

If you’re looking for a simple all-weather patio lighting package, or you’re interested in designing a specialized lighting system for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Garden Lights

Is your garden there to be a place of tranquility and reflection for your clients? A pleasant place to take breaks for your employees? Is your garden an integral part of your business model? No matter how you use your company garden, we’re happy to provide lighting services that suit your needs.

We know intimately the importance of an investment like a garden. We also know, that importance doesn’t go away just because the sun goes down! Let us illuminate your investment that gives so much to your employees and clients. Call today!

Contact Alabama Greenscapes, LLC for the Best Commercial Exterior Lighting Services in Hoover

Outdoor lights bring a myriad of positive benefits to your business. At Alabama Greenscapes, LLC, we know that this kind of investment makes business easier and more effective and helps you and your clients see your business in the best possible way. Lighting illuminates your place in the world, and it’s important that this lighting is really the best it can be. Enjoy your outdoors—call us today for your consultation.