Lawn Dethatching in Birmingham

We’re proud to offer lawn dethatching services as one part of our comprehensive lawn care packages. Call us today at (205) 940-5078 to set up an appointment with one of our many lawn care specialists today! Dethatching is one essential part of a good lawn maintenance system. It’s overlooked at a surprising rate or written off as less important than other maintenance processes. If you need more information about how our services can benefit your commercial or residential green space, contact us today!

Birmingham’s Grass Dethatcher Professionals

Lawn thatch is the term used for the debris and dead grass that tends to pile up between healthy grass and the soil underneath. If it’s left for too long, sunlight can be blocked from reaching all the way down the grass plant, and the grass can start to suffer from a lack of nutrients. Eventually, the rotting buildup can cause disease and other problems to the lawn and surrounding areas.

Thatch buildup is usually a normal byproduct of lawn maintenance like the mowing you do. If what you want for your property is a gorgeous, manicured lawn, then thatch is going to be a normal result of your mowing routine. That means that thatch buildup is a fact of life—but it doesn’t have to damage your investments!

Alabama Greenscapes, LLC offers the residents and businesses of Birmingham a dethatching service to deal with this normal but irritating buildup. If you make dethatching a part of your regular routine, you can prevent the spread of brown spots and even save yourself the unnecessary expense of replacing damaged, diseased, or dead grass. We pride ourselves on being able to remove buildup with professional precision, leaving your lawn as clean and healthy as you deserve it to be!

Lawn Dethatching and Other Grass Maintenance Services

Healthy lawns stay healthy because they get regular maintenance. As part of our comprehensive landscape and lawn care services, we can offer regular lawn mowing in addition to dethatching, to keep your property looking healthy and gorgeous. Our yard dethatching experts are qualified and trained to completely and effectively remove thatch.

There’s no reason to wait until your lawn starts showing signs of disease to commit to taking excellent care of it! Brown spots and other signs of disease are an optional bad mark on your good taste and excellent character. Call us today at (205) 940-5078 to make professional lawn dethatching a regular part of your lawn care routine. This process is sometimes overlooked and can save you big frustration in the long run!

Call Alabama Greenscapes, LLC for Dethatching Services Today

There are only a few landscaping companies that offer a complete lawn installation and maintenance service, and Alabama Greenscapes, LLC is one of them! With our thorough services, you can do the best thing possible for your lawn or other green investments. There’s no reason to let smelly, unsightly thatch build-up and threaten the health of your beautiful lawn or garden. Call us today to make an appointment!